Meals and soups to stock your fridge and freezer with

Mother and Son Family Kitchen, meals and soups to stock your fridge and freezer with!

We have added more side dishes and meals that you can store and reheat.
Check our full menu in the link below

Side Dishes
Mashed Cauliflower $6
Mashed Green Peas $6
Mashed Potatoes $6 a quart
Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes $6 a quart
Green Beans with walnuts $6 (14 oz)
Broccoli Salad $6 a quart

Potato Salad $6 a quart
Roasted Sweet Potatoes $4 300 grams
Fried Sweet Potatoes $4 300 grams
Sauteed French Spinach $4 250 grams
Roasted Carrots and Cauliflower $6 a quart
Coleslaw classic, apple-cabbage slaw or vinegar $3 pint

Breakfast Frittata
w/ Bacon or Mushroom $13 6 pcs
Mini Quiche Bacon or Mushroom $15 6 pcs
Southern Fried Chicken Breast Fillet $12 8 pcs
Chicken Pot Pie $6.50
Shepherds Pie $6.50
Zucchini Lasagna $6.50 *with meat or vegetarian
Cauliflower Ziti $6.50 *with meat or vegetarian
Meatloaf $6.50
Meatless Loaf $6.50 *Vegan

Full Menu

Tuesday to Sunday, noon to 5 PM delivery, Los Cedros y Los Claveles

Debby and James Dahili: 096 322 3377

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