Update on Lucas and his paw siblings

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards helping Lucas get his needed vet care and help the other furry members get up to date with their needs. Because of your kind donations Lucas has been sterilized, groomed, and dewormed. We were also able to get him a new collar, flea meds, and get all 7 of the other members here groomed.

What we are working on now is getting the other 7 members their flea pills that they are due for. To donate please Paypal Pawswithhopecuenca@yahoo.com

We are always in need of dog food, cat food, and cat litter.

I am still phone-less, but as soon as I have access to a camera I will be posting pictures and updates of Lucas and his current fur siblings on FB. Please follow us on FB.


City: Cuenca

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