Recommendation for Yarn Lux, Yarn Boutique Knitting Classes

Looking to have some fun, make new friends, learn a relaxing skill, and create wonderful items? Elizabeth and Yarn Lux is where you need to be.

My mother and I started classes late last year and we had a wonderful time. Elizabeth and her staff are knowledgeable and patient and your fellow classmates will also help you become proficient. My mom is absolutely hooked on knitting now and spends several hours each day creating new items as well as one to two days a week in classes. It’s helped her immensely with her dexterity and concentration and she says it’s so relaxing for her. She loves it.

I highly recommend giving knitting a try regardless of your experience. The friendly environment and learning process of the groups are just a great way to integrate to the community whether you have been here 8 days or 8 years.
Call or write Elizabeth and start the fun now!

Address: Juan Cuesta 2-40 y Alfonso Moreno Mora

Contact information: +593 99 772 2205

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