Recommendation for Ulises Acosta, visa facilitator and related services…

Ulises Acosta, was the best help I could find to process my temporary residency-visa in Ecuador. Ulises knew how to handle the problems I had due to impossible to get some necessary documents. Ulises gave me encouragement when it seemed that things were not moving forward, while other lawyers did not want to help me.

Ulises told me which documents are necessary, translated them for me, and helped me with the extra steps that we had to take when the possibility of getting my visa was fading. Ulises knew where to go, who to talk to, and after waiting patiently to be attended by some authorities, I was issued my visa and now I find myself counting the months until I can receive my permanent visa.

Do not hesitate to contact Ulises, who always keeps the immigration information up to date, through his web page

Raquel Z.

Address: Loja, Ecuador

Contact information: 099 370 9519

Recommended by Raquel Z.:

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