Question regarding sending emails

I recently relocated to Cuenca from the US and figured out, soon after, that my emails are no longer being sent though I’m not getting an error message. The recipients are simply not getting the emails I sent. For example, I receive an email, but when I reply to the email, it is apparently not going out.

I suspect the problem is in the outgoing server settings or what is referred to as the SMTP server. I’m thinking the SMTP settings are somehow different in Ecuador. I was wondering if some of you might take a moment and inform me of what your outgoing SMTP server settings are, particularly the port number and how the password is treated.

Also, if this is a problem you have previously encountered, I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this matter. Did you find a solution and what was it?

FYI the email client I’ve been using for years is Thunderbird. I prefer to stay with Thunderbird if possible. The server type I use is IMAPP, not POP3.

I don’t want to make this sound more complicated than it is. I will be happy to answer any questions.

Your replies will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Don Mead
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