How do the virtual appointments in Azogues work?

Hello fellow Gringos. In the seemingly never-ending quest to get our citizenship, we tried to make an appointment to check on the progress of the application we submitted a year ago. We received an appointment for a virtual meeting tomorrow morning. Great idea! But no instructions on how to enter. Does anyone know how these virtual appointments work?

Thanks for any help you can share.


Question regarding sending emails

I recently relocated to Cuenca from the US and figured out, soon after, that my emails are no longer being sent though I’m not getting an error message. The recipients are simply not getting the emails I sent. For example, I receive an email, but when I reply to the email, it is apparently not going out.

I suspect the problem is in the outgoing server settings or what is referred to as the SMTP server. I’m thinking the SMTP settings are somehow different in Ecuador. I was wondering if some of you might take a moment and inform me of what your outgoing SMTP server settings are, particularly the port number and how the password is treated.

Also, if this is a problem you have previously encountered, I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this matter. Did you find a solution and what was it?

FYI the email client I’ve been using for years is Thunderbird. I prefer to stay with Thunderbird if possible. The server type I use is IMAPP, not POP3.

I don’t want to make this sound more complicated than it is. I will be happy to answer any questions.

Your replies will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Don Mead

Saving our Artisans from Ecuador

Hello everyone, my name is Alejandro Faicán, in 2019, after seeing my aunt making bags with recycled fabric, while witnessing how difficult it was to sell them and go out to earn my daily bread, I decided to create a platform to help promote their products and help.

This is how our store was born, which my girlfriend named Chozas, and we set out on a life project where we began to invite other artisans from different parts of Ecuador.

You can see our project here

We started with 5 artisans, we helped them take photos, teach courses on digital tools, totally free, but we soon realized that there was a lot of work to do, they did not handle digital platforms and it was difficult for us to manage our platform.


Update on Lucas and his paw siblings

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards helping Lucas get his needed vet care and help the other furry members get up to date with their needs. Because of your kind donations Lucas has been sterilized, groomed, and dewormed. We were also able to get him a new collar, flea meds, and get all 7 of the other members here groomed.


Looking for a used 55-inch Smart TV

Hi All,

I am looking for a decent used 55-inch smart TV. It must have the current standard ports. 1 USB, 2 HDMi and optical audio output. Looking for something local in Cuenca that I can buy this weekend if possible. If it comes with the wall mount – even better! Please send a basic photo of the front and the ports/model info on the back/side if possible. Thanks!


City: Cuenca

How to sell everything you own in 59 minutes or less

Hola Folks,

Here is your simple recipe for converting all your worldly possessions into cash in just 59 minutes:

1) Call or email JDs Muebles to arrange the initial consultation…5 minutes
2) Short meeting to show items available and discuss timeline…20 minutes
3) Review emailed detailed proposal and respond with comments and acceptance…15 minutes
4) Short follow up meeting to accept deposit and finalize timeline…10 minutes
5) Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite beverage…9 minutes


Know where I can buy buckwheat groats in Cuenca?

I’ve been looking for buckwheat groats in the city. Used to be available at Arandano on Tejar, but lately they don’t have it coming in.
Does anyone know where they can be found in Cuenca (or somewhere else in the area). They are called “Trigo de Saraceno” in Espanol.
I’ve found harina de saraceno (buckwheat flour), but not the groats, to be used as a cereal or other uses.


Duane: .

City: Cuenca

Looking for a used bread maker

I’m looking for a used (but working) bread maker, at a reasonable price. If you have, or know of, one that is available, please let me know.

Janet: .

City: Cuenca

Relaxing in-home 60 minute massage reduces stress

Rejuvenation Home Massage of Cuenca understands the mental and physical challenges we face in our lives daily, today reducing stress promotes better health and well–being. Massage is a natural way to reduce these tensions and have a positive effect on other common health conditions:

Digestive problems
Aches and pains
Sports injuries


Cuenca Consignments is open today

We have received some new items you might be interested in. We have an oxygen concentrator that also plays relaxing music. Three bed-heaters for your dogs or cats, for those cold nights. An antique steamship trunk. A camping chef’s kitchen setup. Some nice designer women’s and men’s clothing. Come and browse our store and see if there’s anything you can’t live without. New items arrive every day.



Honest, trustworthy, and hardworking. These are some of Dennys’s characteristics. I have known him for a few years back when he started working for me on a part time basis.

Dennys can help you with the following:


American Silver Eagles for sale

For sale 20 American Silver Eagles in uncirculated perfect condition. $35 each

Alexander: 097 906 9356.

City: Cuenca

New arrivals at JDs Muebles nclude…

Hola folks,

Here are a few on the great new items we have to offer this week:

Fine leather sofa with matching leather Lazyboy rocker recliner

Custom made ceramic tiled side and sofa/TV tables

GE Side by side refrigerator

Modern six seat glass top expandable dining set


We know chili at Bernan’s Home Canned Foods

No… not the weather or even the country Chile … we know about a great hot bowl of chili. We were asked if we could make a chili with no beans because real chili doesn’t have beans. So, we decided to check on some other recipes. There is chili with beans, without beans, with stew beef, with ground beef, and you can also use chicken or pork or any other meat you would like and then a whole slew of other things you can add.


Selling new ‘Heart-Strong Fitness Tracker’

Never used $20
Black fitness tracker and watch
Tracks steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, and calories burned
USB rechargeable and snycable to phone or computer

Email for pictures.

Tracker: .

City: Cuenca

Ooma Telo for sale

For sale Ooma Telo smart home phone service, $35. Free nationwide calling and low international rates. Features 911 calling, voicemail, caller ID, smart home products. Works best with a home phone.

Lorraine Theodos: .

City: Cuenca

100% cotton sheets

Satin sheets 600 thread count 100% cotton.
Because you deserve the best rest

Audrey: 099 507 5941.

City: Cuenca

Chelation therapy

Chelation therapy is an IV infusion therapy that helps rid your body of toxins. During therapy, I infuse a chemical called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), which binds with toxic metals in your blood (mercury, copper, arsenic, aluminum) and removes them from your body.

Clogged arteries contain calcium and other mineral and heavy metal deposits that bring about blockage through the process called atherosclerosis. Effectively reverses atherosclerosis by removing these unwanted deposits via chelation therapy, a good healthy diet and exercise.


English and Spanish translations interpreter

I am a Spanish to English, English to Spanish freelance translator

I can offer expert translation of business documents, such as annual reports, marketing texts, brochures, communications, newsletters, web content or presentation materials.

Can also assistance and help with simultaneous translations you while you are staying or visiting Ecuador.

I am reliable, professional and well-traveled

El Batan


096 257 3086

Spanish Classes for beginners in a small group

Immerse yourself in a new concept of learning Spanish quickly and efficiently. Learn Spanish with a qualified and experienced teacher. You will cover basic topics, useful for everyday conversation, including talking about yourself, making hotel or dinner reservations, take taxis, etc. You will be introduced to various language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with group exercises and weekly homework).


Carpentry, Aleppo furniture and design

We make and design furniture to your taste and needs and we work with wood, melamine and its derivatives. We have 20 years of experience. We have a showroom and workshop. We have verifiable references with foreign clients. We speak English. We are not resellers Cuenca,

Cuenca, Avenida Ordoñez Lasso y Calle Las Totoras 13-13.

Fernando Mora
098 781 8622

Professional English teacher/English editor

I taught English for twenty-five years in schools in the USA. I will tutor you/your child or edit for you. I hold teaching certificates in English, science, and social studies and a master’s degree in Educational Research and Psychology, as well as bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

I am vaccinated and will work with you in-person or online.

We can work on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, speaking, writing, academic skills, or whatever you need. We can practice in social circles if you like.


Pet Store Pet-Tiere

Pet-Tiere is a brand of accessories and services for pets that has a store and offers home delivery service.

Services, accessories and food for your pet (dog and cat).
Food brands such as:

-Royal Canin
-Pro Pac
-Happy Dog
-Formula Natural
among others.

American brands in accessories, flea control, shampoos, vitamins, cat litter, cat litter box, among others.

Edificio La Cuadra 2 Altos Zona Rosa, C. Jose Astudillo Regalado, Cuenca 010105

Pablo Guevara
098 995 6985

Private Spanish lessons

Personalized, private, face-to-face Spanish lessons in the city of Cuenca. Native speaker, with a degree in foreign languages. I speak English fluently, and also German.

Gran Colombia – Cuenca

Juan Carlos

Sofa beds of different sizes

I manufacture different types of sofa beds. Please write to the mail to send information and photos. – Advantages of using a sofa bed:

1. Save space
2. It is as comfortable as a real bed
3. It is ideal for your guests
4. Fits perfectly in your living room
5. Unfolds easily
6. Offers more storage
7. Its structure is durable
8. Its price is accessible Thank you very much for your choice, nice day friends, a pleasure to make your furniture.

Cuenca, Centro


Different services, Carlos

Manufacturing and installation

– Works in glass, windows, doors, bathrooms, others.

– ironworks.

– stainless steel works.

– Works in aluminum

– floating floor.

– Mowing grass and land. I have my lawnmower and machines.

Centro, Cuenca


Plans for Dinner? – Santa Cruz Restaurant

Santa Cruz Restaurant gives you great options so you can choose your best deal! Check out these amazing combos and specials:

1) Mega Combo $21:
Quesadillas + Nachos full + 4 tacos + 1 L coke

2) Super Combo $12
Tacos + Chili Cheese + 1 L coke

3) Super Combo $15
Burrito + Nachos full + 1L coke


Professional and proficient nursing services

Who needs nursing services at home?

• Patients who return home after surgery, needing care, supervision and assistance
• Patients who are undergoing complicated treatment that requires the use of medical equipment and/or medication monitoring

I take care of people of all ages, from infants to seniors. I work with your doctor and family to develop customized care plans so you can regain your health in the comfort of your home.



Words of Wisdom from Pajaro y Bestia

I cook better than I look…
But I cook really, really good…

Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral

Pajaro y Bestia

Recommendation for Yarn Lux, Yarn Boutique Knitting Classes

Looking to have some fun, make new friends, learn a relaxing skill, and create wonderful items? Elizabeth and Yarn Lux is where you need to be.

My mother and I started classes late last year and we had a wonderful time. Elizabeth and her staff are knowledgeable and patient and your fellow classmates will also help you become proficient. My mom is absolutely hooked on knitting now and spends several hours each day creating new items as well as one to two days a week in classes. It’s helped her immensely with her dexterity and concentration and she says it’s so relaxing for her. She loves it.

I highly recommend giving knitting a try regardless of your experience. The friendly environment and learning process of the groups are just a great way to integrate to the community whether you have been here 8 days or 8 years.
Call or write Elizabeth and start the fun now!

Address: Juan Cuesta 2-40 y Alfonso Moreno Mora

Contact information: +593 99 772 2205

Recommended by JDs Muebles John:

Recommendation for Ulises Acosta, visa facilitator and related services…

Ulises Acosta, was the best help I could find to process my temporary residency-visa in Ecuador. Ulises knew how to handle the problems I had due to impossible to get some necessary documents. Ulises gave me encouragement when it seemed that things were not moving forward, while other lawyers did not want to help me.


Recommendation for Maggie Ruiz, hair studio unisex

Maggy is very sweet and very good at what she does; she does women and men. I highly recommend her services. She’s been doing this for many years and speaks English well. Her studio is on Lorenzo Piedra only one block off Remigio Crespo, the street opposite from the SRI building.
Maggy Ruiz
Chanel Hair Studio
WhatsApp 098 345 8433

Address: Lorenzo Piedra 7-18 y Jose Burbano

Contact information: 098 345 8433

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos: 099 115 9173

Recommendation for Malu Cooper, facilitator

Looking for some help from anything simple to something complicated, Malu is your girl. She is not only helpful, but she treats you like a good friend.
Malu is very personable and helpful in a variety of ways. She is a translator for medical, insurance assistants, banking, legal advice, shopping, and setting up utility bills.

Malu is fluent in English, although she is originally from Cuenca. Any time I have asked for assistance, she has always been able to help. If you need anything, do not hesitate to give her a call or WhatsApp her via text message.

Cell phone is 098 327 0180
WhatsApp 1 234 360 4931

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 327 0180

Recommended by Rosemary C:

Recommendation for Azul Peluquería, hair salon

If you’re looking for an outstanding haircut, color, or highlighting (cap or foil) look no further. If you want suggestions on what would look good on you she can do that as well. I have asked her many times to do what she thinks would look good on me, and I have never been disappointed.

Give her a try, and you won’t go anywhere else again.
Call or WhatsApp her a text message for an appointment.

Address: Don Bosco y Diego Velasquez, Edificio Amarillo

Contact information: 099 793 4989

Recommended by Rosemary C:

King Smokehouse says almost time!

Felix is offering some jaw dropping specials this week. With the exception of bacon, he is fully stocked with all the wonderful items you have grown to love. This week he is offering a 10% off on his succulent, juicy pork chops and some other items (come to visit and find out).

Like a thick cut for stuffing or roasting? No problem, call Felix. Like a thin cut for quick grilling or (yummmm) chops and eggs? No problem, call Felix. He will gladly cut to order for you and still offer a 10% discount. Bacon is in short supply due to the paro and getting the pork from his provider, but it is coming – hopefully Friday bacon is also back in full force.


Cooking With Rey “Authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine”

Join me to explore the fragrant and colorful cooking of Southeast Asia
“Spiced Just The Way You Like”

Sticky and Sweet Hot Chicken: Tender pieces of chicken sauteed with garlic, honey, chilies and lemongrass.

Sticky and Sweet Hot Shrimp: Medium sized shrimp sauteed with garlic, honey, chilies and lemongrass

Fried Sea Bass: Premium sea bass fillets deep fried in olive oil infused with leeks. Served with two Khmer dipping sauces

Cambodian Spring Wings: The name derives from the color of this beautiful and lively dish. Lemongrass and green onions provide the lovely spring greens and the red chilies provide the red colors of spring. Basted in garlic, honey and chilies these medium spicy delights will warm your tummy during these cold days.

Go to my website below to make a reservation or for more information.

July 14th – 17th 1 to 8:30 PM, San Sebastian Park near the museum of Modern Art

Sreymom: 099 544 3977

USA: Five-Course Meal

Join us this July 15th and 16th.
Friday and Saturday only.
From 5 to 9 PM.

Weekends at La Guarida are not to be missed. Five courses for $20 with an incredible $8 pairing menu. Nowhere else in Cuenca (at this price) will you get a gastronomical experience like this one. We are preparing a simply incredible menu for you. This weekend we will pay tribute to classic American dishes. Our first course begins with clam chowder, then we move on to a perfect slider, follow that up with sausage gravy and biscuits, continue with mac and cheese and BBQ ribs and finish with a perfect apple pie.

Book now,

July 15th, from 5 to 9 PM, $20, Mariscal Lamar 22-23 y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071

Yapafest 2022 and Garden Market at La Yunta

This Saturday, 16 and Sunday, July 17

Yapafest Saturday from 11 to 5

Art, vendors, music, food, beer and Yapa, give a little more

Garden market Sunday from 10 to 4

Bread, cheese, art, decorations, and more

La Yunta Restaurante

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 of July, Ave 1 de Mayo entre Ave Las Americas y Fray Gaspar de Carvajal

Sole Riquetti: 098 945 6551

Muak Café Bakery and pastries subject

Good morning everyone…
Hope you can enjoy a good day today.
For us it’s special… it’s one of our baking days.

Fresh, warm, perfect…for today:

– Homemade Bread (Francés and Deli-style)
– Choco – Brownie Pies.
– Bread Cake
– Truffles
– Cupcakes
– Brownies


Tuesday special at Sunrise cafe

Breakfast steak and eggs comes with hashbrown or home fries, includes coffee or tea $6.50
Chicken and veggie soup
BBQ beef ribs comes with BBQ beans, coleslaw potatoes salad
Drink and dessert $6.99

Julio 14st from 7 AM to 3 PM, Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo

Orlando Ortiz: 098 824 6499

This week’s specials at Kolo

Hola queridos amigos, hopping your all doing very good these days, would like to let you know about this week’s specials:

Breakfast: French toast, served with bacon or sausage and egg, coffee, tea or fresh juice $5
Lunch: Pasta Stroganoff, served with option of chicken or beef and homemade sour dough.
Iced tea, coffee or fresh juice $7.
Hope we get to see you soon.

July 14th from 8 AM to 3 PM, Luis Cordero 5-65 and Honorato Vazquez

Frank Gonzalez: 099 297 5788

Double D’s menu for the week of July 18

It’s time for our Tex-Mex. All of the flavors and textures of nachos are baked into this menu’s casserole. Our always-requested chili is back, and the timing couldn’t be better. Dessert is our creamy twist on peach pie and is pictured below.

Nacho Chicken Casserole: $25 (6-8 servings); $19 (4-5 servings)
Beef & Bean Chili: $8/lb (2-3 servings)
Peaches & Cream Bars: $3 each

Orders are due by 3 PM on Tuesday, July 19. When placing your order, please include the following information.


Internacional bakery and sourdough pizza

We offer sourdough breads in a wood-fired oven.
Natural sourdough is a ferment Made up of flour and water that does not contain any type of yeast.
Improves digestión gluten-free contains many vitamins has more fiber is preserved naturally.

Come and enjoy our breads with blueberry and multi-seed walnut sourdough rye wheat corn turmeric focaccia bagel pizza and sourdough whites


Ceramic Route

We invite you to the Ceramic Route!

We would love for you to be part of the Ceramic Route organized by the Ceramics Association of Ecuador. You are just in time to register. The total value for registration is $18 per person and $10 for children and members, and we have a special discount for students and seniors $15.

We are happy to tell you that on Saturday, July 23, we will have a tour of 3 workshops of our incredible artisans and artists and 1 industrial workshop. You will know each of the processes from design concept, molding, painting, baking and much more. We know you will love it.