The Moustache barber shop and spa

The first barbershop to open in Cuenca now offers its services at Miguel Cordero Davila and Paucarbamba Ave in front of the work center building.

Visit us and experience a unique and special treatment. While we cut your hair you can help yourself to a drink or a beer.

Our services for gentlemen are:

beard designs & trims
express facials
Relaxation massages
deep tissue massage
deep cleansing facials
facials for oily skin
manicure and pedicure spa
many other services…

We work with specialized doctors for the application of:

-botox and hyaluronic acid
-facial tensor threads and more.

We also specialize in treating hair loss.

We are located in the Vergel area. It’s a 10 min walk from Downtown.

Our barbers speak English and Spanish!

Visit our Facebook page so you can book your appointment

You can text us at WhatsApp:

Miguel Cordero Davila y Paucarbamba in front of the Work Center Building. We are inside the Mustache Barber Shop.

Victoria Andrade
098 459 2179

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