Recommendation for US documents EC notary

Translation of documents/accompanying to notary

Last week I found myself in need of getting US documents notarized and a call to the Guayaquil consulate offered no upcoming timeline for them coming to Cuenca to provide this service. Luckily the company said they would accept a signature and seal from a Cuenca notary. I contacted young attorney Maria Penafiel, who advertises on GringoPost and she was able to translate my papers and walk me over to the notary who completed the task.

Even if I had done the translation elsewhere, there’s no way I could have negotiated my way through that notary office by myself, so am grateful Maria was by my side.

Reminder that this only works if where your papers are going will accept a foreign notary. Many won’t.

Address: Edificio Acropolis, 12 de Abril y Jose Peralta

Contact information: 098 424 4319

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