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Wes the Mentalist …didn’t see it coming

I’m a mentalist but clairvoyance is weak. Didn’t foresee hole in sidewalk, bike wreck, surgery and 4-week convalescence at home. But, don’t let that deter you from attending one of my shows soon. “Bike Wreck Recovery Tour”. Meanwhile bike on display at SISA restaurant, Roto Puente y Tres de Noviembre.

Can’t say enough about ER Trauma team, Dr Ochoa Vascular Surgeon, the 24-hour team for four days, and Poulin my healthcare facilitator/nurse and Venu. Everyone seemed to be so genuine and concerned. Experienced Muy Tranquilo in a hospital. Go figure.

Miguel Cordero 6-111 y Av Fray V. Solano, Cuenca, Azuay

07 288 5595
07 281 6277

Address: Miguel Cordero y Solano

Contact information: 07 288 5595

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