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Recommendation for Cetap Lucy- a supporting restaurant

This restaurant was opened during the pandemic to provide continued funding for its adjacent school that provides afterschool and pre-school programs for underprivileged children in rural areas. There are trained teachers, speech therapists and a psychologist that work with these children.

When the pandemic occurred, there was lack of funding to support the school. Thus, the restaurant was created. A chef was hired from a well-known restaurant in El Centro that is frequented by expats. There were 15 of us who went to this lovely restaurant and each of us experienced a delicious meal.

You will find the menu to be extensive and the prices are very reasonable. It is less than 30 minutes from Cuenca in a tranquil setting. Please do yourself and these rural children a favor and treat yourself to a tasty meal at CETAP Lucy.

Address: San Jose de la Playa, Chilcapamba

Contact information: 07 414 1581 (Rocio Illescas)

Recommended by Luisa Nelson:

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