Recommendation for Maggy Ruiz, Chanel Hair Studio

As we all know, the last couple of years of Covid, as well as the recent paro, has been very hard on local businesses here in Cuenca. This morning I went for a haircut and listened to one person, a friend, who’s been dealing with those challenges. Her name is Maggy Ruiz and for over 7 years she’s cut my hair. Maggy is very sweet and very good at what she does, I highly recommend her services. She’s been doing this for many years here and, for the short time in the US so her English is pretty good. Her studio is easy to get to … on Lorenzo Piedra only one block off Remigio Crespo. So, if you’re new here or just want to try someone different, please contact her. She needs the work. Thanks,

Maggy Ruiz
Chanel Hair Studio
whatsapp 098 345 8433

Address: Lorenzo Piedra 7-18 y Jose Burbano (esquina)

Recommended by Ric Shellhammer: WhatsApp 098 348 6961
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