Muak Café Bakery and Pastries

Helloooo…. Good morning!
Hope you can have a wonderful day!!

Nothing better than some freshly brewed coffee to start! Besides that, we bring you not only delicious and tasty desserts but also, a great variety of salty options… For breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks, homemade bread (spectacular)…

Chicken or Cuban sandwiches ($2-$2.50) Egg sandwich ($3.80), Pastry Puffs $2 (meat, chicken, apples, spinach & Cheese), Bolon, ($3) Motes ($3.50) pancakes ($3.50) Omelets ($3.50) homemade bread. Different types different prices (0.25- 0.40, 0.50- 0.75- $3) and of course, our special “Pink latte”.($3) Sugar & Coffee free, almond milk and beets 100% healthy. It’s a must! Also, Pink lemonade ($1.50), Brownie, Vanilla or Dulce de Leche Milkshakes ($4)… Brownie al Gelato, ($4) Chocolate Cake ($4), Carrot, Banana, Blueberry, Marbled Cakes ( $3)
Meat or Eggplant Lasagña+juice+bread+dessert ($4)… Cone Pizzas…from $2.50…and more and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us or delivery today.

9 AM to 10 PM, Remigio Crespo Av and José Lozado across the Banco Internacional

Maria: WhatsApp +593 97 890 8533
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