From level 0 Spanish to upper-intermediate/advanced level in 10 months

Struggling with your Spanish? You can make big progress with a language in a short time. I can prove it. I did a Masters in Translation in 2005 and had to take an extra credit. The options were Greek, French law or Norwegian, Greek and the latter from scratch. Greek did not feel right. The French law professor was awful and the Norwegian teacher had great energy. Norwegian with zero knowledge was my choice. In fact, I was told that in 9 to 10 months I would have a good enough level to do a 4,000-word Norwegian to English translation for my thesis.

I started Norwegian classes in Sept 2005 and by July the following year I translated the World War 2 Wikipedia page from Norwegian to English ( I got the 2nd highest possible grade. A number of weeks later I got hired to translate from Norwegian to English for a translation agency. And less than 12 months before, I knew zero Norwegian.

So why talk about my success in learning Norwegian quickly on an Ecuadorian expat site? Because if you are struggling with learning a language like Spanish, I want to show you that there is hope and there is light at the end of the tunnel. You need to keep moving with it but in the right way for you. What is the key? Well, there are many factors involved. Your teacher, your method, whether or not Spanish is your first foreign language, your stress levels/free time, passion for Spanish, maybe your character, your location, relationships, etc.

I made such big progress with Norwegian because I did 2-3 hours a week with a great teacher, I had time to study, it was not my first foreign language and most importantly, because I studied every day at every spare moment I could. The discipline to study around 1-2 hours a day meant I could get to an advanced level in relatively little time. You can do this too! Also, if you are in Ecuador, you have at least 3 advantages I did not have. First, you are surrounded by Spanish (I did not study in Norway). Second, if you live in a city it is easy to go to a language exchange and practice for free and make social contacts at the same time. I did not have that option. Third, there are far more language resources online to take advantage of compared to 17 years ago. One such resource is the Hotel Borbollón free Spanish course that my language students (I run an online language academy) have special access to. It uses artificial intelligence to adapt to your level (good for everyone except true beginners) and requirements (gardening, general Spanish, arts, travel, interviews, accounting, sales, presentations). It is designed to keep you motivated. It is personalized. It is a great complement to live, direct classes. It has a 4.8/5 rating on Google Play and most importantly you can try it for free, for a whole month, no credit card or downloading needed. Indeed, if you go to the Hotel Borbollón site (by Gymglish) you will only get 1 week for free. So, there is no risk. And if you don’t want to continue after the free trial then no worries.

Link to start changing your Spanish today:

So, however you choose to move forward with your Spanish, good luck with it and keep going. Also, you can WhatsApp me if you need free advice about how to learn Spanish or any other language (I have learnt 3).


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