Luvimar slowly restocking; awaited Asian products have arrived

Hello everybody. First of all, fish sauce and gochujang are back, and not just that, I’ve added Kimchi which a lot of people had been asking for.
Canadian salmon is back also.

Suppliers are getting up to speed again and I wanted to let you know what I’ll be getting soon.
Medium size shrimp and shrimp burger patties, I’ll be getting today in the afternoon.
Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, Danish brie with mixed chilies and with garlic and pepper will be coming also today in the afternoon.

Extra aged gouda and old gouda will be here on Thursday afternoon.
Gruyere, emmental, fontina, young gouda and pesto cheese will be arriving on Monday of the coming week.
Local brie will be back at the end of next week.
The jersey cow milk aged cheeses, Dorado, Pardo and original Mutschli won’t be back for at least two weeks. I’ll keep you posted on that
Bacon strips will be back in 2 weeks.
Unfortunately, Danish blue cheese is not available, but I’ve been told the new shipment will arrive next week (Could take longer if there are delays in Aduana).

I’ll be updating the status of each product on my website, as they arrive. You’ll see that the out-of-stock signs will be disappearing.

That’s all the news I have for now.
Have a great day

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