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Muchos Gracias Kolo Restaurante, Frank Gonzalez and staff

For the past several weeks, the Cuenca English Club for Kids has been holding our classes on Saturdays at Kolo Restaurant. Our children totally enjoy Kolo’s delicious food. Sarita Flautista (English Club founder) and myself are so grateful for the Kolo Sponsorship which includes a discount price for the wholesome food that is served.

The children’s food is paid for through Sponsorship and Donations. The Club was founded by Sarita over 5 years ago. It has survived Strikes and Covid lockdowns. My involvement started almost 4 years ago. I would estimate that we have helped over 40 Ecuadorian and Cuencano children to read and speak English. Many of our older students have become very fluent in English. This will be life changing for their economic futures.

Anyone interest in donating time or money to the Cuenca English Club please feel free to contact me at

Gracias, Kolo, Frank and Staff.

We hope Kolo can be our teaching home for a very long time.

Steve Waxman: .

City: Cuenca

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