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English speaking accountant in Quito

Hi everyone. I’m an Englishman who has now been living in Quito for several years. Although I get by in shops and taxis my Spanish is somewhat lacking. What I need is a good accountant who is also fluent in English. I’m sure I am not fulfilling my tax obligations in Ecuador, and I would like to put that right.

Any recommendations would be gratefully received,

Alan Hudson: 098 611 1371. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Quito (capital)
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Cooperativa Policia Nacional

Am interested in anybody’s experience working with this cooperative and opening up a Plaza Fijo or CD.

Storage shelves

Looking for plastic or metal storage shelving racks. Found some at Kywi, but is there a better/cheaper

Resume writer

Looking for an experienced resume writer. Must excel in the English language. Time is of the essence.

Swim goggles

Does anyone know where in Cuenca I can buy goggles for swimming? Timothy Murphy: 098 094