Shih Tzu puppies, pedigreed; both mother and father have papers

As you see, we have two Shih Tzu male puppies available but before we go into more information about them we wanted you to know more about Molly’s Kennel and how it came about. In other words, our story. Knowing this will help you to have more confidence in our pups as well.

We are from the US and have been in Ecuador for 7 years. When we came here we also brought our best friend, Sunshine. We had him 16 years before he accidentally lost his life here in Ecuador. After losing him we started looking for a puppy to replace him but we wanted a certain breed and kept having problems and then realized so had many of our friends getting what they wanted in a puppy and what they paid for.

Unfortunately, here, many people take advantage of you by telling you their puppies are a certain breed that you are looking for but in reality, they are not. As you probably know puppies, especially small breeds – when they are young, all look cute and adorable and can be hard to tell apart and a Cardnet doesn’t mean a thing many times because not all, but many vets here, will put whatever you want or not even fill it out and let you fill it out.

We fell victim to this several times and so have many of our friends. One of the worst was someone we know was looking for a Shih Tzu. She purchased her because she was so cute and small like she should have been but didn’t know to check the puppy for teeth. At six weeks they are going to have teeth and eat dog food. This puppy didn’t have a single tooth so she couldn’t have been more than 4-weeks old. The people selling her did that to sell her fast and easy for more money. This puppy turned out to be some kind of mix and way bigger than what they were looking for.

We could go on and on with stories like this and we are sure you could too. So being huge dog lovers and seeing such a huge void we decided that Cuenca needed a reputable dog breeder where people could actually purchase and get what they wanted. Therefore, Molly’s Kennel was born.

To be able to raise our puppies in the loving kind of atmosphere they deserve and for them to be the happy, social puppies people want, we knew we needed the right place to raise them; not a puppy mill. So, we purchased a 10 hectare property (26 acres) about an hour from Cuenca; inconvenient for showing and selling puppies but ideal for raising happy, well-adjusted ones. To us that is more important! Any of you who are interested in seeing what we are doing and the care they get you are welcome to come visit in person or by video on WhatsApp.

We have the mother and father of all our breeds on site for you to meet if you like. We have gone to the expense of having pedigreed dogs with microchips to ensure they are what they are supposed to be for our, and your, comfort. Our mothers and puppies are fed the very top-of-the-line puppy food when pregnant and nursing. We pay over $5 a pound for it because it is a critical time in the puppy’s development. Obviously, in the Andes, it can be damp and cold and so it can be difficult for new puppies to survive. So, for about the first 4 weeks, to ensure their health and strength, we run electric heaters to keep them warm, happy and healthy. Wince we started doing that we haven’t had a single puppy die. But because of that our last electric bill was $220 — a lot in Ecuador. We wouldn’t want it any other way. We work very hard to ensure our pups are the very best here at Molly’s Kennel.

At present we have 5 breeds, 3 small and 2 large, along with 1 small designer breed and 1 large designer breed, for a total of 7 breeds.

The 2 puppies for sale now are Shih Tzu males. Bella had 4; all male but 2 are gone. They are just over 2-months-old with all their shots, etc. If the Shih Tzus are not what you are looking for, contact us. We had 2 more litters of puppies in the last 2 weeks.

We use one of the best vets in Cuenca. Their dad, Bentley, is very rare because Shih Tzus are generally mixed colors but he is all white – except for a few strands of black inside his ear. The 2 puppies are also all white except for their ears. 1 has 1 black ear and the other has 2 black ears. We raised the parents since they were 6 weeks old, so, we have them both here and their puppy pictures as well for your album.

Considering the expense, quality and care of these puppies the price is very reasonable at only $800 each.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and details or with any questions you might have.

Regards, Molly’s Kennel

David: 098 795 7134.

City: Cuenca

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