What is happening in Ecuador? – Informative video

This is NOT a post to generate controversy here.

Maybe you don’t know the reason for the protests, but they are based on 10 demands to the Ecuadorian government.

In case you still don’t know these 10 demands, in this video I explain and analyze each of the 10 demands that CONAIE (Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador) and protesters are making to the Government, and which are the reason to keep the protests.

This video is a report, and I am not standing on anyone’s side, but at the same time I understand both sides, and that is why I tried to make an analysis as centered as possible. This video is merely informative.

If you are watching the video, I recommend you to play it at 1.5x speed, because it is too long, and I speak slowly.

Luis Velasquez: 095 892 2388.

City: Cuenca

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