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Note! – This is the second part of the first listing. Everything is the same except I’ve added the photographs referenced in the 1st listing where there was not sufficient room to show them all.

In June and July of 2018, my artwork was showcased in a solo exhibition in Cuenca’s Central Museum. I created this body of work while hiking in the mountainous regions of the Andes. It was my second international recognition not including other work I’ve produced in the United States.

I show my work large so I used Senal-X here in Cuenca, Ecuador to print the 9 pieces. The pieces are 6’ x 4’ on average. The shorter pieces are 5 1/2’ – 6’ x 2 1/2’. The photographs were first printed on paper stock and then mounted to hardboard. Each has 2 wooden slats on the back to enhance rigidity. All art is in good shape. I recommend you hire a local person to build a frame around them for further protection and to accent the work. Or, you could have them mounted flat to wood so there is good rigidity but they are frameless as shown in the museum during the exhibition.

I am selling these as they are too large to transport and I am relocating away from the area. I have had them displayed in my home here in Cuenca since the exposition concluded.

In my photographs displaying the 9 pieces, I have included photographs of how my work was shown at the museum and also the English version of the poster announcing my exhibition. I’ve also included some photographs of the pieces hanging in my home as examples of how large these are. Some are shown so you can see the size in a room. They are all large as described and very eye catching.

Feel free to call if you have a serious interest in the art. I am offering these unique pieces below the printing and mounting cost. These are one of a kind, there are no others like this of this size around Cuenca.

Here, I list them by title, size and price.

“The Owl” (“El Búho”) – 72” x 47” – $125
“Soldado’s Ray” (“Soldados Rey”) – 72” x 42” – $125
“Ploughing and Planting” (“Arado y Sembramos”) – 67” x 47” – $125
“Water for the Cows” (“Agua por las Vacas”) – 67” x 47” – $125
“Riding the Fences” (“Equitación las Vallas”) – 71” x 47” – $125
“The Blue Roof” (“El Techo Azul”) – 67” x 47” – $125
“Baguanchi Smoke” (“Baguanchi Humo”) – 72” x 31” – $125
“Emerald Lagoon” (“Laguna Esmeralda”) – 72” x 31” – $125
“Front Range Twilight” (“Naranjal”) 72” x 27” – $125

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Brian M Buckner: 096 949 4770.

City: Cuenca

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