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Looking for tennis rackets and balls

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend and I would like to play tennis in Cuenca for a day! Only, we do not have rackets or balls. Would somebody like to rent or loan us the rackets and balls? That would be amazing! Of course, we are very careful with the rackets.

Charlotte: +3 162 819 5689. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca
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10-inch cast iron skillet

Looking for a new or used 10-inch caste iron skillet. Dan: 097 921 9386. Call after:

US postage stamps needed

Hello, I am in need of roughly 6 US postage stamps. I will happily pay for them,

Air fryer

Looking for an air fryer at reasonable price. Dan: 097 921 9386. Call after: 11 AM.

Eric Feican restaurant

Some time ago we were fortunate to have been able to enjoy turkey breast and other delicious

Gas tanks

Looking for two LP gas tanks. Ken Hall: 099 837 5109. Call after: 9 AM. City: Cuenca