Film 100% made in Cuenca now available to purchase online

Hi there! I hope you are doing well. I am Daniel Osorio, a Venezuelan director, producer and screenwriter of a film called, The Blue Llama Secret Message, produced in Cuenca in November, 2020, right after the lockdown was over, and preproduced during the lockdown via internet. This mockumentary is starred by 9 members of the US Expat Community.

Well, there is much more information that you can find if you just google the name of the movie. Here you have some links:

For purchase (download, DVD or Blu-Ray)

1. Go to this link:
2. Select option: download movie file / DVD or BluRay
3. Click Add to Cart (it will take you to the cart page)
4. Click the button Proceed to Checkout
5. Fill out all the required fields on Billing details and click Place order. It will take you to a Checkout page with a red button under the word download that says, The Blue Llama Secret Message.

The checkout process is completely safe with Paypal or selecting the option cash on delivery in the case you want a copy on DVD or Bluray. You never have to put in your Credit or Debit Card information, Paypal will be in charge, and it will take you back to the checkout page once you finish paying on PayPal.

Due to the strike, we couldn’t show the movie in Vilcabamba and we are still trying to recover the money and time we invested in this little film in order to be able to continue working in other independent film projects, so I will appreciate a lot if you can share the link and the instructions for purchasing to your friends or family. The price for downloading is only $2.99. is another of our startup projects, there we offer marketing services, web design and other marketing-related services. The site was made by me, so almost all the money (if we manage to close some sales) goes to our pocket, (and I say almost because Paypal takes a little, actually we will only receive $2.53)

For streaming (subscription to Independent Shorts Awards Channel)

Official website

IMDB Profile

Daniel Osorio Molina: .

City: Cuenca

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