Ecuador a safe destination, by Bluebox

Ecuador a safe destination.

In recent weeks, speculation about Ecuador has spread and our valued affiliates have also received alarming news from their countries of residence and warnings about traveling to Ecuador.

Ecuador is one of the favorite retirement destinations for North Americans and other foreigners, but the bad reputation of insecurity could turn the dream of a comfortable retirement to the uncertainty of the insecurity of a Latin American country, I am Ecuadorian, and I understand that the current situation is delicate, but it does not reach the point of being alarming, a worldwide wave of murders and insecurity has been unleashed and we can observe it by the last shootings in the USA and other violent acts in different regions of the globe,

But Ecuador has not issued a warning for Ecuadorians to stop traveling to the USA because of the few aggressive and out of control citizens that live in the country, the same situation is happening in Ecuador, it is a group of antisocial people who have sown insecurity in our country, but this does not make us dangerous societies, we live before a global fact, wars, deaths, femicides, suicides and others, but Latin American countries are demonized leaving aside the problems that also exist in first world countries.

We will always recommend safe places to live, places that suit your lifestyle and budget, if you expose yourself to places or neighborhoods in conflict it will be natural that there are unsafe incidents, but do not get carried away by news that are far from reality, I am 36 years old and I have lived in Ecuador all my life, I love my country, and I fight for it with my work, with my good service, the expat market has undoubtedly led me to the place where I am by the hand of my effort and dedication, and that is summarized in the concept of being Ecuadorian, do not be afraid to come to Ecuador, the good ones are more, visit us soon we will always be happy to embrace you with our warmth.

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