Bistro Yaku and live music

Bistro Yaku features live music.

We are a family who took over this hostel in 2020 and refurbished the courtyard with a magnificent view of our flower-filled internal garden to create “Bistro Yaku” in this colonial home, situated in the center of Cuenca’s historic area.

Where you may have breakfast, contemporary food and drinks in a comfortable and pleasant ambience with soothing world music and live events on weekends, as well as every other Wednesday, you can enjoy our open mic nights where you can be part of the audience or take over the stage.

Banana Rock
Friday, 24th at 9 PM

Mattew Hart & Paco Lightfoot

At Bistro Yaku we want to support the arts and organize the best musical events in the city.
Book your table at: 098 748 6890 or by email at:

Friday 24th, from 9 to 10:30 PM, Luis Cordero 5-66


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