Recommendation for Leonardo Loja, landscaping and houseplants

As others have recommended before, here is another recommendation for Leonardo Loja Landscaping. He helped us get house plants for our apartment and potted plants for our terrace. He is very responsive, speaks excellent English (he worked in the US for several years), and is very helpful. We wanted to get potted plants for our place and it was much easier to hire Leo, who was able to make plant-type recommendations and get all the materials for us.

He came over to our place, we came up with a plan and budget, he then went to various nurseries outside of town, got the plants, trees, soil, and pots in his truck, then delivered it all to the house and repotted everything.

I don’t think I would have saved any money by doing it myself, hiring a mixto taxi to bring the plants back, etc., and I wouldn’t know the right nursery to go to in the first place. Hiring him was so much simpler and he did a great job. Shoot him an e mail or WhatsApp.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 96 904 8247

Recommended by Kevin Moore:

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