Muak Café bakery and pastries

Good morning everybody,
Starting a new week! New opportunities! Don’t waste yours… Come and visit us!

Why don’t you have breakfast with us? Homemade bread; fresh and warm from the oven!

Chicken or Cuban sandwiches, or maybe just eggs, bacon, fruit, Yucca bread and yogurt… Or would you like to have breakfast with a piece of cake? Banana, carrots, bread cake, cheese cakes, red velvet…

Also, we have pancakes, Omelets. Any time you can enjoy here, not only breakfast; Lunch, brunch, pizza, desserts, coffee – hot or cold, milkshakes, our special “Pink latte”… Sugar free, almond milk 100% healthy. We have something especial for any case! Waiting for you! Happy week…

Remigio Crespo and José Lozado. Across Banco International

+593 97 890 8533
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