Menu for Mujeres Con Exito lunches

This week, from Noon to 3 PM, you will find a healthy lunch for $3.50 in a welcoming quiet space near San Sebastián Plaza. Lunch includes a soup (always yummy) a choice of the main dish, a salad, a rice, fresh juice and a dessert. Treat yourself, and in this way, assist the women who carefully serve to improve their Hospitality skill set.

Mujeres con Exito also trains women in culinary skills, and in running their Laundromat…so you could drop off your laundry and enjoy lunch. Just think…no prep, and no dishes.

Here is the Menu for June 20 – 24

Monday: Lentil Soup; Peruvian style beef dish, or a Fritatia-Omelet of Potato and Hominy; White Rice; Carrot Salad; Hibiscus Flower Drink; and a Dessert.

Tuesday: Barley Soup; Grilled Pork Chop or Chicken in Gravy; Black Bean and Rice; Red Cabbage Salad; Blackberry Juice; and Jello Dessert.

Wednesday: Potato Soup; Roasted Chicken or Beef Roll; White Rice; Papaya Juice; Dessert

Thursday: Noodle Soup; Grilled Beef; Chicken in Peruvian creamy Huancaina Sauce; White Rice; Lettuce and Tomato Salad; Juice of the Tree Tomato; Dessert.

Friday: Minute Soup; Breaded, fried Corvina fish or Beef Hamburger; White Rice; Potato and Corn Salad; Tamarind Juice; Dessert.

Enjoy! Buen Provecho.

Week of June 20 – 24, from Noon to 3 PM, Baltazara de Calderon 2-26, near corner of Miguel Velez. 2 blocks from San Sebastian, West of the church.

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