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**Special promo. 1 week of 1L of fresh-made daily juice for only $10**

Hello lovely Cuencanos

I’m Magdalena from Roots Juice.

Born and raised in Loja, and living in Cuenca for the last 20 years, I’m excited to share about my company, Roots Juice.

Roots Juice is a subscription juice delivery service that delivers fresh made daily juices straight to your door every weekday.

With a focus on health and wellness, every day I create a new juice flavor, with a different health benefit. Always free from added sugars, preservatives or additives. It’s 100% pure, and made daily with love.

This week’s juice menu included.

Monday: Detox. A blend of green apple, cucumber, celery, fresh parsley, lime and chia seeds. A perfect start to your week after the weekend.

Tuesday: Memory. With fresh homemade, sprouted almond and walnut milk, red apple, carrot and cinnamon.

Wednesday: Slim. Pear, mint, basil, cucumber and lemon.

Thursday: Immunity and lung support. Orange, watercress, ginger, lime, celery and radish.

Friday: Metabolism. Pineapple, papaya, cucumber, flax and fresh turmeric

The menu changes every week, but is always created with your best health benefits in mind.

A monthly subscription is $47 and includes a fresh made juice, every weekday delivered to your door, your office or location of choice between 7-10 AM. That’s 20, freshly made daily juices delivered for just $47 a month.

And as a special promotion, I’m offering new clients a chance to try a week of juices for just $10.

My company practices the most stringent, comprehensive health and safety protocols, so you can rest assured your juice is safe and delicious.

I’m excited to share my life passion and delicious, healthy juices with you all. Please reach out to me at any of the convenient contact options and start your daily juice ritual today.

Instagram: @rootsjuicecuenca

Facebook: rootsjuice

Roots Juice

Cuenca, delivery to your home, office or gym.

Magdalena Diaz
097 907 6949, Spanish only at 098 712 7340

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