Frustrated? Online Spanish course: first month free

Still struggling with Spanish? Get over your obstacles today and start your free month of Hotel Bourbollon by Gymglish (no obligation to buy, no credit card needed).

Over 5 million users, 4.6/5 on Google Play.

As an official partner of Gymglish I can offer you a free month of the Hotel Borbollon personalized online Spanish course. Go to their website and you will only get 1 week free. I have run an online language academy since 2011 and many of my clients use Gymglish as a compliment to their live classes.

It uses AI to adapt the level to you (after price is from just $11/per month depending on the plan). You can set the accent (Spanish from Spain, South American Spanish…) and focus (business, travel, general, day-to-day, interviews…).

Lessons sent 5 times a week and each class takes 20 mins roughly (great for busy people).

If you cannot do all the lessons in 1 week, it is ok, you can go at your own pace. It gives personalized corrections and grammar explanations.

It is most suited to those with at least A2 level (that is you must have at least an advanced beginner level).

You can set if you want to receive the full immersion Spanish course (no English instructions/explanations) or if you want instructions/explanations in English (better for those with lower levels).

The first lessons are to find your level. It focuses on grammar, comprehension, vocab extension with a riveting story. You can even get tutor support.

To get started with your free month, just add your email the link below (for levels A2, B1, B2 or C1):


Mark: 098 343 3313

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