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In Ecuador you can find a wide range of options when it comes to hiring health insurance, and choosing the best option can become a real challenge, and even more so if you receive advice far from reality to sell you the most expensive plan.

A health insurance in Ecuador is between $39.49 and $550 per month depending on the company that provides the service, but what are the real differences of this variation of monthly payment vs. coverage? Mainly the difference is the value of coverage in an insurance of $39.49 per month coverage is $6,000 while with a monthly policy of $550, the coverage is of $100,000. In terms of amount of coverage the difference is clear and abysmal. For sure you will think, but what happens if I contract the small plan and I have an accident, or I break an arm, how much is my surgery going to cost?

We tell you that Ecuador has first line doctors with costs that in comparison with countries like the USA, will be possibly 25% of the value that you are used to pay; that is to say that a minor emergency with a policy of $6,000 would be fully covered. In an extreme case, such as cancer or chronic conditions, in which the costs of therapy, medicine, hospitalization, surgeries and others will significantly exceed this value of coverage a second medical insurance will be an essential option.

We do not recommend buying the abysmal monthly policy, with the propaganda of international reputation, as these health policies do not always cover your claim immediately, the documentation they request is exhaustive, and the deductible is too high, and if you are a healthy person who will only use this policy in specific cases and emergencies, it is an even worse option. I
Instead of selling you the most expensive plan we sell you two combined plans: a plan with national coverage and international backing and a national and international insurance plan with the backing of being in the top ranking of prepaid medical companies, rather than recommending a company with low ranking scores, high monthly payments and high deductibles that do not always pay your claims.

The key to opt for the best insurance is the advice you receive. A good agent will recommend a plan that suits your needs, guide you through the reimbursement process and ensure that your claim was entered on time to the company, and know all the documentation required to file a claim, their goal being the welfare of their customers.

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