6 on 6 volleyball at Parque El Paraiso, Sunday at 11 AM

You are invited to join an international group of dedicated 6 on 6 volleyball players on Sunday, June 19th from 11 AM to 1 PM. The weekly games will be at Parque El Paraiso where the group began four years ago. The net will be set up on the green space north of the bathrooms and concession stands and west of the lake.

We had a good crowd, good games last Sunday, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

You are welcome to join in or watch. We need at least 10 confirmed players. If you are interested in playing, please confirm with Cherrie at 593 099 220 3001 (WhatsApp OK) by Saturday, June 18th, at 2 PM so we can get a count. We will update everyone that the game is on or off once we get the reservations.
You can also join us on our Facebook page (Cuenca “Bump-Set- Spike” volleyball) for updates.

Garry: gl.e.volleyball@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Top 3 areas to live in Cuenca preferred by expats

Cuenca has many attractive areas to live in, due to its good quality of life. Some examples of that are the drinking water service, the new tram (it’s the largest public transport system in Cuenca and the first modern tram in Ecuador), the bicycle paths and many more advantages which make it the number one destination to live in the entire country.

In recent years it has become a multicultural city, welcoming several foreigners who have decided to settle in the country. In September 2009, International Living magazine named it “the world’s top retirement destination,” encouraging dozens of foreigners (mainly American retirees) to move to Cuenca.

Today we will talk about these 3 areas

1. Ordóñez Lasso Avenue

The main entry and exit route to the western part of the city.

For several years, on this avenue, specifically in the area of the Oro Verde Hotel, a pretty remarkable growth of the urban sector has been seen, mainly in modern buildings. This growth came along with the presence of expats; this area has become one of the favorite places chosen by expats to live in.
An average of 30% of expats lives in this area.

This area has many bilingual places like restaurants, bakeries, bars with live music where several people from the expat community meet, this will help you make friends and blend in to Cuenca easier. One of the biggest supermarkets is also located near this avenue.

2. Puertas del Sol (Gates of the Sun)

This is another of the area with a high percentage of expats. It has fabulous views, green areas to walk and also plenty of space to walk your dog. Adding to this, the presence of the majestic Tomebamba River. You don’t always have the privilege to live near a river that crosses the whole city.
Many Expats decide to live in that area because there are many apartments inside condominiums, also because of security issues and easy access to different places of the city.

3. Challuabamba

This area is warm – not so cold like Cuenca – and is further from the center of city. There you can enjoy excellent walks and mountain biking very close to the area. The land and houses in that area are usually very large, which means it’s more likely to have large green spaces. There is a high growth in this area with several supermarkets, schools, pharmacies, parks and recreational areas.

More Info: WhatsApp # 096 189 4496

Santiago Vanegas: ecohousef2019@gmail.com 096 189 4496. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Filling taxes late

Hello, I am looking for someone who can help me file my taxes for the first time. I’m a US citizen and I’ve lived here all my life. So, I need to speak to someone who can give me all the information I need to know about filing taxes for US citizens living abroad.

Thank you

Here’s my WhatsApp 097 876 3733

Gabriela Solano: 097 876 3733. Call Noon.

City: Cuenca


Hi folks, I’m looking for the next armoire. If you have it and you are thinking to sell it soon, please let me know. Thanks. 


Andres: edgar_jarav@hotmail.com . 

City: Loja

I need a good, used cell phone

Looking for a good. used cell phone as a secondary phone. Functionality, strong battery life and price are priorities. Make and model are secondary.

Thank you,

Steven Ellison: stevejazzellison@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Sinovac booster

I had my 2 shots of Sinovac in June and July last year and maybe it is time for a booster. Does anyone know where I can get a Sinovac booster in Cuenca ? I would prefer to have Sinovac as I had no side effects last time from them.

Denis Cruickshank: deniscruickshank@yahoo.com .

City: Cuenca

Vacuum cleaner

Hello, I am looking for a vacuum cleaner in good working condition. Just moved and need to do some cleaning.

Thank you

Cheryl Duerr: cheryl@duerr.com 1 415 450 0723. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Twin bed

Needed, twin bed with good mattress.

Lynn: sailhorse@me.com .

City: Cuenca

Sweet Home Ecuador

I met this lovely lady who is helping many expats in Ecuador. She can help you to get done just about anything, from your visa to opening a bank account in Ecuador.


If you know her or she has helped you, leave a comment below.

Remember to subscribe for more videos.

Angel Jefferson Avilez Rodriguez

City: Babahoyo

I’m a pet walker

Hey there, I want to offer my services as a dog walker. We pick up and drop off dogs from your home. I only ever walk dogs in small groups so that I can supervise them properly and make them feel comfortable. We offer a free meet and greet to see if your beloved friend and I get along. I have references upon request. Feel free to ask any additional questions. I will be happy to help

Carolina Jimenez: mabel28jimenez@gmail.com 099 823 4613. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Woman’s boots and shoes

Sorel woman boots size 8, $50, BedStu woman’s wing tip loafers size 7, $20.


Robyn: 098 643 3105.

City: Cuenca

Nearly-new, women Nike Dri-Fit sports bra (size: M)

This is a nearly new Nike women Dri-Fit sports bra.

Size: M
Color: Green
Function: running, gym, yoga (it supports well)

Whatsapp: +861 851 651 2046
email: panshiyu.summertraveller@gmail.com

Summer: 099 715 2129.

City: Cuenca

$25 blanket box – all wood, antique

Tongue and groove construction, all wood, antique storage box we have used for many things over the years. We installed a piano hinge and refinished it with fresh stain years ago. Brought it in our container because it is great for storage but don’t have room for it in our smaller condo. 108 cm long x 45.4 wide x 75.6 tall.

Melody: 001 210 724 9511.

City: Cuenca

Special discount, Fathers Day – Gramm

Dear friends, on this very special date, to celebrate the sweetest person in our lives, Gramm offers you a $1 discount on each pound of chocolate covered nuts, pistachios, hemp seeds and roasted cashew.

On June 17th and 18th, come to our store and receive this discount on your favorite products.


Sisarina Ñucanchi Allpa, traditional dance

I have contracted the services of the traditional music and dance group Sisarina Ñucanchi Allpa. It is a group of young men and women from Cuenca and its surroundings. They do an excellent job, very professional.

The group has been invited to the “III San Pablo Apostol International Music And Dance Festival” in the city of Pacora, Perú (June 29 to July 4, 2022). To cover part of the travel expenses, they have made available to the public CDs with traditional Ecuadorian music and folk dance videos.

The director of the group is Mr. Juan Francisco Lata. His phone number is 096 899 2025

Grace: juanfranciscoallpa@hotmail.com 096 899 2025.

City: Cuenca

Scratchers and big catios, for cats

Constructed entirely of good wood, strong and stable solids, with strong sisal and high-quality carpet fabric.

The catios for cats are located on the terrace of your apartment or house, a safe space for our cat. Spacious, comfortable with a wooden structure and different levels for you to have fun.

I have different designs and models.

Your cat will like it very much.


Cuenca Centro


Pop and jazz live music at Casa Yangoe, Friday 17

Come and check out Casa Yangoe, a beautiful spot for dinner and music Friday, Jun 17th. We have beer promotions. Also, you can see a little organic market, beautiful handicrafts from different places of Ecuador and the best cup of organic wine in our cafeteria.

Benigno Malo 5-16 near Calle Larga, Cuenca.

Casa Yangoe

096 832 4006

Private Spanish lessons

Personalized, private, face-to-face Spanish lessons in the city of Cuenca. Native speaker, with a degree in foreign languages. I speak English fluently, and also German.

Gran Colombia – Cuenca

Juan Carlos

Hello everyone, cancel all plans for this Sat…

Debbie’s place is going to “La Yunta.” Isn’t that amazing? If you never had the opportunity to go to our store… now you can go and meet us at la Yunta! We’re so excited to see you all there. La Yunta, Ave. Primera de mayo and Americas Quinta Berenice.

Come and have a nice moment with us! A lot of vendors will be there too. You can’t miss this, Feria! See you this Saturday at La Yunta!

Inside of Sunrise Cafe, Calle Larga.
Monday-Saturday, 8 AM – 3 PM.

Ave. Primera de mayo and Americas Quinta Berenice


Luvimar working hours on Friday 17

Hello Everybody. Due to a Doctor’s appointment, Luvimar Gourmet Market will be open today, Friday 17, from 9 AM until 2 PM, and then from 4:30 until 6 PM.

Also, I wanted to let you know that because of the strike, I haven’t been able to restock on certain cheeses. I’m out of Danish blue, Dorado de montaña, Pardo de montaña and Danish brie with garlic and pepper.

I’m hoping my supplier will be able to send me more next week. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great day.

Luis Moreno Mora #5-85, Between Nicanor Aguilar & Roberto Crespo Toral (2 houses from Cosecha Cafe y Vino. Yellow house with big yellow garage door and big blue sign)

Luis from Luvimar
096 895 7920
Website: https://www.luvimargourmet.com / Facebook & Instagram: luvimar.ec

Architecture for foreigners

My name is Agustín Álvarez, I am an architect, and I am carrying out a market study, for which this survey will help to analyze the matter of importance that foreign residents in the city of Cuenca have on the profession of architect, determining the demand for services that an architect can provide to this sector of the population.

By completing the survey, interested people will receive, as a bonus, a free quote for any type of project. I speak English and Spanish.

Survey in English: https://forms.gle/vS46NF13g37RL2fi6
Encuesta en español: https://forms.gle/bzGfdBXFGgeypFk68

Agustin Alvarez
098 315 7348

Luis Cordero

Technical crafts

Technical Crafts Workshop in relief.
(Flex foam and cold porcelain). Three Modules
Includes: Materials and academic hours (12 hours) each module lasts 3 hours.

Days Saturday and Sunday.

Contact: Mr. Leonardo Goncalvez phone: 096 363 8287
Value: $35. per person.

Start Date: Saturday July 02.

Address: Avenida Isabel la Católica with Francisco Orellana. Amazon Cultural Cafe.

Leonardo Goncalves
096 363 8287

Why should you opt for a supplementary medical plan in Ecuador?

Both private and public health insurance in Ecuador can be easily combined with low-cost supplemental health plans which will cover specific needs such as outpatient medical care, emergency care, and coverage of medical tests. This type of basic coverage will be very useful if you have a health plan with IESS. IESS will provide you with medical assistance when you need it but you may experience long wait times when accessing your benefits, which is why we offer you the option of a supplementary plan.


Catering service

Catering service for all kinds of events and presentations in general.

– foods
– beverages
– full service

We are characterized by excellent food, drink and customer service.

Please write to the email. With pleasure we will send a quote.

We carry out the catering service within and outside Cuenca and in other provinces.

Cuenca, las Américas


Recommendation for legal solutions attorney Mateo Zalamea, legal services

My experience with Mateo was beyond expectations. I am an expat looking to start an export business. Armed with many questions, I rattled them off in rapid succession and Mateo had answers for them all. He is well versed in his legal knowledge and even more helpful with his business and cultural ties to communities near and far.

There was not a single question I raised that Mateo didn’t either have an immediate answer, or a researched response later forwarded to me.
I would not hesitate a second to use the highly professional skills of Mateo for any legal issues in any business endeavors.

Address: Edificio Acropolis, Cuenca

Contact information: zalameamateo@hotmail.com

Recommended by Jerry Straka: jlstraka32@gmail.com

Recommendation for Dog Barber, mobile dog grooming service

This morning I contacted the folks who run the dog barber and they were outside my door at 1 PM today. This husband-and-wife team listened to my requests for grooming and handled my dog with obvious love and care. They did an absolutely great job – and for what I thought was a very fair price. I will use them again when needed.

Address: Outside your door

Contact information: 093 944 1107 or 096 724 4554

Recommended by Sara Bayles: polkadoxies@gmail.com

Recommendation for Ulises Acosta, visa facilitator

I will preface by saying this was my second time applying for a visa in Ecuador. My first experience was just terrible. It took months. I constantly got hustled for more money, and I was frustrated beyond measure.

I learned of Ulises through a community Email in EC. He responded to all my questions in a timely manner with accurate information. Accurate information is very important as the immigration laws change frequently and without notice.


Recommendation for Monica Carabajo, cleaning

Looking for cleaning services?

Look no further than Monica Carabajo.

Monica is an experienced and professional person and a pleasure to work with.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 98 579 3489

Recommended by Andrew McLemore: traveler1375@gmail.com

ACT presents “The Last Romance”

Azuay Community Theater presents a readers’ theater production of Joe DiPietro’s play “The Last Romance” for three performances only, June 24, 25 & 26, 2022.

Reserve now to enjoy this poignant story of a chance meeting in a city dog park.

Will it lead to a lasting love late in life?

Admission $10. Doors open 3:30 PM. Show starts at 4 PM. Reservations required. Email actseats@gmail.com to reserve seats to pay at the door, or pre-pay via PayPal.

June 24, 25 & 26, 2022 at 4 PM, doors open at 3:30, ACT is in the first building west of Hotel Oro Verde, ASv. Ordonez Lasso, Cuenca

Ray Lewis: actseats@gmail.com

Full Criollo Sabor Venezolano restaurant

For the entire month of June come and enjoy our 2×1 hamburger promo starting at 5 PM. Don’t miss it. They are delicious in the best Venezuelan style.
Burgers include fries and choose your preferred protein.
Request the menu to our number.

Tuesday through Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM, Gran Colombia 13-72 between Esteves del Toral and Juan Montalvo

Jennesy Pinzon: fullcriollosaborvenezolano@gmail.com 098 424 4928

Between Fire and Wood, sourdough pizzería

We give you a warm welcome.

We invite you to discover our pizzas made with sourdough. Pizza in a wood-fired oven without yeast, without chemicals, with organic products.

Also enjoy our delicious breakfast your traditional coffee and natural juices.

Address: Juan Jaramillo 5-10 Mariano Cueva next to the International Bakery

Office hours Monday to Saturday 8 AM to 9 PM
Sunday: 8 AM to 5 PM

Orders call: 096 884 7990

We happily deliver your favorite pizza to your home.

Work together with International bakery that is dedicated to making wonderful sourdough breads without yeast; a ferment made up of wheat flour or other cereals and water.

Wood oven

Orders call 096 891 1591

Address Juan Jaramillo 5 18 Mariano Cueva – Gran Colombia and Manzaneros

We look forward to serving you

City: Cuenca

Every day, Juan Jaramillo 5-10 Mariano Cueva


Thank you all

Thanks all for your great support for making our event a wonderful one. Stay tuned for more updates.

Please visit Namaste India Restaurant to enjoy the authentic food. For more details, host events, reservations, WhatsApp right now.

Calle Large y Bengino Malo Lava

Deneesh Zakharia: namasteindia965@gmail.com 098 415 4229

Sisa restaurant

Home of the Sisa Bowl

Sisa Bowl
Your choice of Protein.
(Chicken, Turkey, Lomo Fino, Veggie or Falafel)
Assorted Vegetables.
Rice or Noodles
12 homemade sauces to choose from.

Chicken, Lomo Fino, Veggie patty or Falafel.

What’s better than a burger and fries you ask?
A burger and fries from Sisa Restaurant.

And this week all burgers are 15% off!

Homemade delicious Ice Creams
Vanilla Almond
Peanut Butter Chocolate

Craft Chocolate made with the best Cacao in Ecuador.

Open 12-7 PM Wednesday-Sunday, Paseo 3 Noviembre beside The Broken Bridge.

Sisa: 099 430 6408

Wednesday to Sunday noon-7 PM, 3 de Noviembre beside The Broken Bridge

Healing Sounds Workshop – a powerful healing art

Did you know? There are QiGong hospitals in China that has over 90% recovery rate, with patients that got a death sentence from allopathic hospitals.

Healing Sounds is one of the techniques that they are using…

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Everything is energy … learn about the healing qualities of sound and the ancient Chinese practices for health and longevity.


No cost QiGong this Saturday – Parque de La Madre

All levels and ages are welcome to join us for a Qigong class in the park this Saturday, for no cost.

QiGong is a very simple practice, cultivated for the purpose of enhancing health through the body, mind and spirit. Come and try it out and see for yourself.

Classes are every other Saturday in the park, and will be held in English and or Spanish depending on the participants.

We will be there this Saturday, June 18th, July 2nd and so on. 11 AM – noon

You will find us by the wooden totems.

Check out our fb page for daily classes at our center.


All the best,

Saturday, June 18th, 11 AM – noon. And every second Saturday, no cost, Parque de la Madre, Cuenca.

Frida Strandberg: pampamisayocqigong@gmail.com +593 98 545 2054

Northern Roots – Patio Sessions at idiomART

We’re excited for our very first Patio Sessions concerts at the new idiomART! The concert series has been a huge success and each month we have had sold out crowds. Our goal is for idiomART to be a venue that is as much fun for the artists as it is for the public!

For our first Patio Sessions, we’re excited to have Northern Roots perform! Northern Roots has been playing to sold out crowds around Cuenca for nearly two years. Their music includes folk, americana, and rock with a focus on vocal harmonies and when they sing together, it shows. Join band members Glenn David, Sarah HB, Jeff Schinsky and Kristin Grzegorek and be swept away on a fantastic musical journey.

We will have a cash bar and delicious homemade empanadas for sale as well!

The doors will open an hour before the music starts, so you will have plenty of time to walk around the building and see all the sites, including the art exhibitions in our galleries.

We have limited seating, so please contact us to day to make your reservation.

Sunday, June 26. Doors open at 2 PM and music starts at 3 PM, $10, Mariscal Lamar 14-25 y Estevez de Toral, Cuenca.

Sarah HB

Chinese five-course menu for $20, La Guarida

Join us this Saturday as we cook an incredible, very diverse and tasty five-course menu showcasing Chinese cuisine. We will begin with a classic and simple Egg Drop Soup then continue to Honey Walnut Shrimp to follow up with Chinese Veggies to a crunchy and to die for Spicy (or not) Sesame Chicken to finish off with Chinese banana fritters. A mouth-watering pairing menu will be available. This is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Saturday, June 18th beginning at 5 PM.
Reservations required
Book now by calling 099 806 8071

La Guarida is located at Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta. A few meters from La Cuadra Station on the Tranvia Path.

June 18th, from 5 to 9 PM, $20, Mariscal Lamar 22-23 y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: underalias@gmail.com 099 806 8071

Amazonia cultural space

We welcome you to our meeting place in a new concept for your meetings. During Pride Month, plan your meeting with friends and have a nice evening, musical atmosphere, salty snacks and welcome sweets.
Vodka and fruit cocktails, drinks, among others.
Amazon Cultural Space.

Book your special day and we will gladly assist you.

Contact: Mr. Leonardo Goncalves. Phones: 096 363 8287.

Address: Avenida Isabel la Católica with Francisco de Orellana

4 to 11 PM, $5, Address: Avenida Isabel la Católica with Francisco de Orellana, Cuenca.

Leonardo Goncalves: joan.directorofsales@gmail.com 096 363 8287

Cuenca Symphony Orchestra develops 2022 Young Talents Contest

Cuenca, June 16, 2022. – With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra in the week of June 13 to 17 is developing the “Young Talents 2022” contest, whose call was disseminated in social and institutional networks and has been widely received by 33 new musicians of Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca at ages between 9 and 24 years.

After a pre-selection made by the five jury members complying with the provisions of the Youth 2022 Contest Regulations, 22 participants were selected. After a draw they have their audition in the General Test Room “José Castellví Queralt” of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra with the accompanying pianist and in front of the jury of the contest.

On Friday 17, the name of the absolute winner will be known as stipulated in the call and the prize will be to play as a guest soloist of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra in a planned season concert for the first season of 2023.

Our deep admiration and thanks to all applicants for their passion for music, dedication and individual work!

The Cuenca Symphony Orchestra makes available to the public its digital concert hall on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/sinfonicacueca where you can find most of the concerts presented so far since 2020.

Reserve us at http://www.sinfonicacueca.gob.ec Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ISSUU

International Rodeo Saturday: Caballo Cabana (Banos)

Hola, Amigos!

Anyone interested in attending the international rodeo this Saturday at the beautiful Caballo Cabana in Banos? It is the event of the season! Includes dinner and a ton of fun.

Call me for info,

June 18th, 20, 3007 NW 4th Ave, Cuenca.

Gerri: gerriweits@yahoo.com

Homemade pies are a delicious treat – from Carlos at Vivaldi Pies

Order your fresh, homemade pies. What a delicious treat! And here are the details:

All pies are made by hand and are custom baked to your order. All ingredients are fresh and natural. Pies are 9 inches across and 2 inches deep, giving you 8 very large portions in every pie.

Apple Pie – $12
Strawberry Pie – $12

Chicken and Mushroom Pie – $20
Chicken Pot Pie (with peas and carrots) – $20

(Coming soon: Lamb Pot Pie)

Please place your order in advance.

Follow me on Instagram: vivaldi.icecream.cuenca

Pick up your order for no charge. Delivery available for $1.50 – $3, depending on your location

Available 7 days a week, Across Cuenca

Carlos Paez: 096 254 6303

Muak Café bakery and pastries

Who says your mornings or afternoons can’t be pink?

Visit us in Muak Café in Remigio Crespo Avenue and enjoy our pink latte! Only here.

This beet-iful, I mean beautiful, pink latte makes for a delightful (and delicious) caffeine-free cuppa any time of day.

Pink Latte works well as a light afternoon or before bed snack, thanks to the protein from the milk.


Yoga classes in Selina

Hey! I want to invite you to my all-levels Yoga classes in Selina Hotel, Hatha, Vinyasa and meditation classes. Small groups and bilingual class.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 5:30 PM.

$30 – $40, Hotel Selina, Calle Larga, Cuenca.

Estefania Vimos: 098 764 6296

It’s tonight! Pop-Jazz at Casa Yangoe

“Pop-Jazz” trio at Casa Yangoe this Friday, June 17th.

Our new Pop-Jazz Trio –named Jazi– seems to have hit on a winning formula, because we are getting rave reviews. These are some great pop songs that everyone loves, and this new format seems to be the right mix of upbeat, yet intimate. Also, if you haven’t checked out Casa Yangoe, this is a great opportunity. Beautiful and cozy, with great food and a lively downtown location.

Some artists in our repertoire include:

Marvin Gaye
Olivia Newton John
Roberta Flack
Leonard Cohen / Madeleine Peyroux
Amy Winehouse

Come early and order dinner, music starts at 8:30 PM. We hope to see you there. If you haven’t been downtown on a Friday night in a while; it’s invigorating!

Friday, June 17th, come early for dinner, music starts 8:30 PM, $3.50, Casa Yangoe: Benigno Malo 5-16 and Calle Larga (kitty corner from Taj Mahal), Cuenca.

Jan Wallace: For reservations: 99 266 1759

St. Christopher Episcopal Mission, Sunday Holy Eucharist

You are welcome to gather with us for the spiritual uplifting worship of the Episcopal Church.

Fr. Peter Jenner, a priest from England will be the Celebrant for Holy Eucharist on Sunday,

St. Christopher Episcopal Mission is a Cuenca-based faith community formed in 2019, as the first English-language Episcopal congregation in South America.

All are welcome at St. Christopher’s regardless of their faith tradition.


IdiomART Photo Club

Join our Photo Club with Photobooks analysis, films, photo outgoings, gallery exhibitions and more.

Contact us for more info

098 496 8745

July 1st from 7 to 8:30 PM, free, Juan José Flores, Cuenca.

Dario Ordonez: darioordonez@outlook.com 098 496 8745