Authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine “Cooking with Rey”

I recently purchased some beautiful fat ducks and they’re going on the menu. Basted and slow roasted in my oyster and honey sauce. Yummy!
A rare treat. See my website for details.

Along with your other favorites

#1. Sticky & Sweet Hot Chicken: Tender pieces of chicken sauteed with garlic, honey chilies and lemongrass.

#2. Sticky & Sweet Hot Shrimp: Medium sized shrimp sauteed with garlic, honey, chilies and lemongrass.

#3. Lok Lak Beef Tenderloin: Premium cuts of beef tenderloin (8oz) cooked in a garlic red chili sauce.

#5. Pineapple Chicken: Tender pieces of chicken and pineapple delicately sauteed in a chilies and garlic sauce

#8 Sauteed Chicken with Rice Noodles: Tender pieces of chicken sauteed with four different vegetables in olive oil, garlic, ginger, chilies and premium rice noodles.

All meals include: appetizer – salad – glass of wine – dessert

Go to my website to see the entire menu!!!

June 16 – 19th, from 1 to 8 PM, San Sebastian Park next to the Museum of Modern Art

Sreymom: 099 544 3977

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