SimANT EC is updated to use newly released questions

Good morning everyone,

We updated SimANT EC to use new question bank.

If you didn’t know, SimANT EC will help you to pass your Ecuadorian driver’s license theory test more easily if you are preparing it and you don’t want to print and read the questions on paper.

“SimANT EC” means it’s a simulator of Ecuadorian ANT test, it’s, I have to say, the most feature rich ever of the same kind. Including:

– Simulator of ANT theory test for all types of licenses
– Test history of every test to find out your errors
– Search any questions that contains specific keyword
– Original questions for all types of licenses
– Easier to continue your learning from where you left off
– English translation for those who don’t understand the questions.

You see, if you have difficulty to understand those question, you have English translation almost everywhere in the App, just click the switch on the top right.

SimANT EC is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store, just search the name and you’ll get it.
Also, you may use the following link to get it:
Google Play Store link:
Apple App Store link:

If you find any errors or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be very glad to answer any questions and fix bug.

Thank you very much for your sharing it to anyone who needs it.


He Xinke

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