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Moving to Cuenca

Hello there, I am a 26-yr old with a kidney transplant, and myasthenia gravis, that is trying to move to Cuenca but I am not sure how could I possibly get my medications, or what are the right steps to take!

Since I am trying to move to study over, I will so appreciate some information, I am planning a trip in September.

“Amelia and JP” are so cool!! (I check their videos)

Cristina G Troncozo: 305 409 0795. Call after: 2 PM.

City: Cuenca
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Eric Feican restaurant

Some time ago we were fortunate to have been able to enjoy turkey breast and other delicious

Gas tanks

Looking for two LP gas tanks. Ken Hall: 099 837 5109. Call after: 9 AM. City: Cuenca

Private doctor

Looking for a pulmonologist who practices in Cuenca near Ordonez Lasso area. We live in San Joaquin

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Looking for a queen-size bed

Looking for a queen-size bed. Please send pictures over WhatsApp. Also for a duvet, sheets. Roxi: 096