Missing parrot in Cuenca

His name is Tuki Shalom the parrot, he came to us in May, 2020. When we saw him, he was losing some feathers and was greatly injured on his head, so we took him under our wing and raised him, we built a huge cage and never cut his feathers. He was used to going with us to the garden with no cage. He was most of the time free.

Today he was on the balcony with us and seemed like something spooked him so he started flying above the house in circles so we started calling him and he didn´t turn around. We suppose he landed nearby. We put up flyers and said to our neighbors to contact us if they see him. We hope he will come back soon just like he came to us. If anyone reading finds any information about him, please let us know!

We miss him greatly and we are hoping to see him soon, God bless!

This is my Gmail: jgcp2410@gmail.com

Johanna Chipana