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Needed: someone with knowledge of wood floors

I need a really knowledgeable person to evaluate the wood floor of my living room and hallway for an urgent renovation. The floor is stained and the boards are warped. The approximate size is 565 Sq ft or 172 sq meters

Do I need to replace it? Or can I salvage it? Is the existing floor solid wood or wood veneer? Is there another material that could approximate the solid wood look?

I also need advice. As a tenant who added harm to an aging floor, should I offer to replace the whole floor with a quality new floor? What would you do?

The floor is probably 20 years old and it was scuffed and the boards warped when I moved in 18 months ago. But I definitely made it worse by covering it with vinyl and taping the vinyl down. (I did this to make sure my elderly and disabled dogs would not slip. I also thought I was protecting the floors from dog pee as my old dog was becoming senile.)

I want to do the right thing but I’m not sure what that is.

I really appreciate your suggestions.

Heather Conley: 099 577 7459. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca
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