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This is for anyone looking at Cuenca as a future home:
Over 80 professional-quality photos shot by the author of “Una Nueva Vida – A New Life, A Rejuvenated Enthusiasm in Cuenca, Ecuador” gives you a clear ‘picture’ about life in this historic mountain city.

It is about moving overseas, and it addresses every issue and concern for the Baby Boomer, who are rapidly approaching the age when visions of retirement are a primary thought in their heads (if they are not already there.).

This book’s focus is on people reaching or at retirement age, though it applies to all ages. Digital nomads are greatly increasing in numbers and Ecuador is now welcoming people with jobs to a highly affordable and beautiful country that is the most biodiverse in the world per square kilometer.

A growing number of American Baby Boomers are hitting 65 years of age without enough money stashed away to maintain their standard of living. They will need an alternative to living in poverty or fear of bankruptcy in their current hometown. Tied into all of this is the US being by far the most expensive country in the world for healthcare costs. Ecuador has very affordable healthcare. Bloomberg recently rated Ecuador as having the 20th most efficient healthcare system while the US ranked near the bottom in 46th place.

You will learn what it takes to live in a foreign country as a retiree. The book addresses: “Life at Retirement,” “International Options,” “Challenges of Living Overseas, and specifically Cuenca, Ecuador.

The retired journalist of four decades goes into great detail about moving to this highly popular city for expats, including: “Social Environment,” “Housing,” “Health and Healthcare,” “Transportation,” “Green Spaces,” “The Arts,” “Food,” “Consumer Goods and Services,” “Finances,” “Fellow Expats,” and “What It Takes to Make the Move.”
The author is not selling anything so what is presented is as objective as possible without any hype.

Making this book rather unique is an entire chapter dedicated to “Cuencanos Point of View.” The author has tried to give everyone’s perspective of Cuenca, not just the American, Canadian, or European’s point of view.

Adam Truslow, the coiner of “The American Dream,” stated, “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” Many are looking outside of the U.S. to make this happen. And a high percentage have made their way to Cuenca, Ecuador for a rejuvenated life.

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