Corpus Christi sweets

Hi, I’m Michelle Palacios from Pastisseria Cuenca. Remember me from our fruit cake?

Now we are ready for the sweetest and most colorful time of the year, Corpus Christi.

Enjoy the flavors, colors and smells of the traditional Corpus Christi sweets!

We have prepared different presentations:

Box of 20 sweets – $7.50
Box of 50 sweets – $14.50
Box of 75 sweets – $21
Box of 105 sweets – $27.50

Reserve your box now. We work with a daily stock to guarantee the freshness of our products.

We have deliveries from May 31st.

Phone number: 096 787 8553
Instagram or Facebook: La Pastisseria Cuenca

*The price of each box does not include shipping.

Michelle Palacios: 096 787 8553.

City: Cuenca

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