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I am looking for a new mail courier

I need a new mail courier for the occasional letter or package from Canada. I have had two bad experiences with my recent courier. The last letter was received in their Miami warehouse on March 7 (according to USPS tracking) and I received it yesterday, May 21 – a total of 76 days, between Miami and Cuenca. I would like recommendations for a reliable service. I would also like to hear if other people have experienced similar problems with other couriers.

Don: .

City: Cuenca
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Zucchini availability now

Is it possible to find this very healthful, organically grown food here this time of year here,

CD player

I’m looking for a CD player with, or without speakers. Thanks, Bruce: . City: Cuenca

Air fryer

Looking for an air fryer at reasonable price. Dan: 097 921 9386. Call after: 11 AM.

10-inch cast iron skillet

Looking for a new or used 10-inch caste iron skillet. Dan: 097 921 9386. Call after: