Disqus, the comment system

For quite some time now, each time I needed to sign in with Disqus, I received the message attached. It was a real pain, but each time I went to the site they provided, put in the exact same password I had been using and then was able to log in.

I tried finding customer service for Disqus, but it does not exist unless you are a business apparently. I sent them messages via Facebook and Twitter, but nothing.

The people behind the scenes at GringoPost did respond to my pitiful pleas for help, but they were not able to resolve the issue. The fact they responded several times made me appreciate that someone was listening.

Now, I do hang my head in shame when I admit I had one of those EUREKA moments. Up to now, I had been using Microsoft Chrome. I went back to Firefox and VIOLA! Disqus worked without any commotion or nonsense.

In case anyone has an issue with any website, just try changing browsers. I have done this in the past with other sites, but it did not strike a chord to try it with Disqus until I became fed up.

Ryan James: drryanjames@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

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