Lifestyle coach

As a registered trauma-informed yoga therapist I work with clients on creating specialized classes and programs for after a surgery, injury, or an intense emotional experience. These classes can be in-home or online.

My work as a holistic health practitioner and functional movement coach has allowed me to help clients gain mobility, strength, and a balanced relationship with their diet, nutrition, and plant-based eating. I teach cooking classes, create personalized meal plans, prescribe herbal protocols, and design fitness routines based on your needs.

I include all of these modalities in empowerment-based lifestyle coaching. This is a deep dive into health, healing, and emotional intelligence to create an authentic life that ignites your unique magic.

If you are seeking guidance and if you’re ready to claim the most abundant, healthy, and thriving version of you please send me an email or phone call to set up a Discovery call and find out about the ways we can work together.

Online or in person

Aubree Jeanne
099 255 6981
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