Hi everybody, I’m back with some new designs. Remember, with your purchases and recommendations, you help me a lot to continue growing and to be able to take my business forward.

I make notebooks on request and I also have a small stock available for immediate delivery.

My notebooks are made with love and dedication. I bind every notebook with 100, 150 or 200 sheets, you can choose between 120g sheets (perfect for any writing or drawing instrument), print with lines, points even sheets for write music or just white or the natural ones (75g).

You also can choose between the Spiral design and the bind one.


Size A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches)
A5 – 100 sheets: $10
A5 – 150 sheets: $13
A5 – 200 sheets: $17

Or the little ones in 4.1 x 5.8 inches
50 sheets: $5
100 sheets: $8
150 sheets: $10
200 sheets: $12

I made a cute – practical bag for your notebooks, tablet, books or your essentials. Ask for models available. The cost of the bags is $8.

I have some notebooks in stock:

– 4 pocket notebooks with spiral 60 sheets (4 x 6 inches) – $10
– 1 spiral notebook with 20 sheets of recycled paper in different colors – $12
– 1 spiral block / album with 22 black sheets. – $15
– 1 bind notebook 100 sheets.

You can email me if you want some pics of the designs I have available.
You also can follow me on Instagram and check the designs available @VenomousNotebooks

Mishelle: 096 906 4745.

City: Cuenca

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