Learn to weave and help save the planet

A fine local artist, Magy Pena, is giving a class in creative weaving starting Tuesday, May 18th at 3 PM. The class will be two hours each day, and will continue until your individual project is completed. The cost is $6 hourly.

Magy Pena is a longtime Cuenca-based artist who specializes in using recycled materials to make beautiful original works of art.

In her Creative Weaving class, you will learn the basic concepts behind weaving techniques and also how to reduce the flood of materials going into landfills. She will help you design your weaving project, if you need help, and work with you as you build your personal work of art and learn the techniques of the ancient art of weaving. Magy is an excellent teacher.

The class begins on Tuesday, May 18th at 3 PM and continues, 2 hours a day, until your personal project is complete.

Please contact her and inquire about details.

Classes start Tuesday, May 18 from 3 to 5 PM, $6 hourly, Ordonez Lasso west of the Oro Verde Hotel., Cuenca.

Magy Pena: 099 514 0974
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