Fitness classes for everybody

In this post-pandemic rainy season it’s easy to feel sluggish and “out of shape”. For some, gym memberships or large group classes can feel intimidating or uninviting when you’re not feeling like your best self.

Ven Yoga provides an intimate, safe and uplifting space for you to reconnect with your body and boost your overall well-being. Connect with others who feel the same as you, who are looking for a place to increase their health in a more gentle way.

Classes are always open to all levels and bodies. Perfect for people who are looking for yoga, pilates and/or strength training. This can be a great addition to recovery or physical therapy.

Your first class is only $5 because we want you to find a place where you feel comfortable and supported on your fitness/wellness journey. We hope that it’s a great match! Come find out if Ven Yoga is the right haven for you.

Edificio Cedros, Calle Reginaldo Arizaga y Alberto Andrade (Puertas del Sol, behind ItalDeli)

Casey McGann
099 483 9926
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