Rarely do these incredible lemons make it to age two

This Saturday, May 14th, I will be serving my homemade chicken lemon soup. A traditional dish in Cambodia. This soup is a delicate balance of traditional homemade chicken soup but with a twist; lemon. Not just any lemon, in order to get the perfect lemon flavor without bitterness the lemons must go through a process of cleaning, sun, sea salt and purified water. Only after being stored for six months are the lemons ready for my soup. One year is better and two years, Wow! My family and friends love this soup so much a lemon rarely makes it to two years. These are my last two lemons.

I have enough of my two-year old lemons to make 18-20 bowls of soup. My next batch of one-year old lemons won’t be ready until the middle of June. So, join me in a traditional Cambodian meal. A generous amount of chicken in a broth you will never forget and a premium mixed drink on the house as we celebrate “Cambodian chicken soup & the two year old lemon”

Includes: Appetizer, Premium Asian Fried Rice, Salad, Dessert, Premium Cocktail & Glass of house wine.

May 14th & 15th from 1 to 8 PM, San Sebastian Park near the museum of modern art

Sreymom: https://www.cookingwithrey.com

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