Delicious Asian dinners, Thursday

Pork or Prawn Siningang (Tamarind based sour soup) special.

Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour and savory taste. It is most often associated with tamarind, although it can use other sour fruits and leaves as the souring agent. It is one of the more popular dishes in Filipino cuisine.

Hot and sour soup.

Pork Sinigang $8
Langostino Sinigang $10
Mixed Pork and Prawns $12
a quart of soup served with a pint of brown or white rice

Asian Dinner Full Menu

Meals enough for 2 servings, served with white or brown rice with veggies

Kung Pao Chicken or Shrimp or Tofu *Vegetarian $9
General Tso’s Chicken $9
Our Famous Asian Orange Chicken $9

Filipino Feast $12
2 Chicken Skewers
4 Veggie Egg Rolls
Pancit (rice noodles and veggies with savory sauce)
Serves 2
Thursday, noon to 5 PM, May 12, 2022, Jazz Society Cafe, Los Cedros y Los Claveles (one block North of Ordonez Lasso)

Debby and James Dahili: 096 322 3377

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