Djokano, Las Voces de la Amazonia

Between musical gestures, Afro-Amazonian rhythms and sacred chants, the rich heritage (fauna, flora, population) of French Guiana is represented in this artistic work.

Yannick Théolade alias Great Dôkô Sawani Makan is the founder of the Amazonian martial art Djokan and doctor in musicology.

We are waiting for you this Wednesday at the Sucre Municipal Theater at 7 PM to live this great experience!

Choreography that mixes traditional Djokan chants and body expressions of the dancer, Yannick Lebrun.

Together with:

Régine Lapassion: singer

Yannick Théolade: percussionist, fighter, warrior dancer, singer.

Endie Théolade: percussionist, choir, fighter, warrior dance.

With the support of the Institut Francès.

May, 11th from 7 PM to, free, Teatro Sucre, Cuenca.

Oceane Wauters:
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