Chicken soup and the two-year old lemon

This Saturday, May 14th, I will be serving my homemade chicken lemon soup. A traditional dish in Cambodia. This soup is a delicate balance of traditional homemade chicken soup but with a twist; lemon. Not just any lemon, in order to get the perfect lemon flavor without bitterness the lemons must go through a process cleaning, sun, sea salt and purified water. Only after being stored for six months are the lemons ready for my soup. One year is better and two years, Wow!

I have enough of my two-year old lemons to make 18-20 bowls of soup. My next batch of one-year old lemons won’t be ready until the middle of June. So, join me in a traditional Cambodian meal. A generous amount of chicken in a broth you will never forget and a mixed drink on the house as we celebrate “Cambodian chicken soup & the two year old lemon”

May 14, from 1 to 8 ON, San Sebastian Park Near The Museum Of Modern Art


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