Herbs, nutrition, emotional management, spirit, etc…

Learn practical tips and tools connected with each element, so that you yourself can provide the healing your body, mind or spirit needs.

5 Elements Workshop

The answers to your health, well-being and strength might be right before your eyes!
Learn about yourself, your emotions and what makes you who you are through

Understand what creates harmony in nature, and apply it to yourself to create harmony and well-being within.

Just as many other ancient teachings, the Ancient Chinese Masters understood that to grasp the nature of human, we must look at nature itself.
They categorized the patterns they saw in nature and all things, as Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire – The 5 Elements.

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of the 5 Elements theory, which is a major part of the foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You will learn about the elements, and their associated organ systems, emotions, spirits, herbs, nutrition and much more.

You will also learn some practical tools to bring with you home, and how QiGong uses the theory of the 5 elements for a more powerful and individualized healing.

It is a three day workshop, we highly recommend that you go to all three of them, but if you’d like you can go to just the day that suits you.

Get a 15% discount when you book all three days.

$40/day – Pampamisayoc Students
$50/day – Non students

2- 5:15 PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 12th – 14th of May.
17 – 51 Mariscal Lamar between Octavio Cordero and Miguel Heredia., Cuenca.

Frida Strandberg: pampamisayocqigong@gmail.com +593 98 545 2054

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