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My brother, Franklin Armando Morocho, and I, Emilio Morocho, have been serving as handymen for Cuenca residents for years. We have a long list of accomplishments and a reputation for being intuitive problem solvers.

For example – not long ago, clients found a water leak in their home – a 3 story cement/brick building. Repairing that leak would have been easy, but this was the 3rd time in as many years that we had been called to repair a leak somewhere in that home. The roof had leaked, the master bathroom on the second floor leaked into the dining room below, more leaks had popped up in several parts of the house. It was due to the age of the house (built in 1989) and the corrosion of the water pipes throughout the house. The homeowner and cats were living in the house and didn’t want to have us chop through 5-7 inches of concrete to get at the old pipes and remove them – in fact we would have had to guess where the pipes were and destroy the ceramic floors, too. It wasn’t an easy fix! Several options were suggested – move out and let us work in the house; leave the system functioning and reroute the water pipes – install new ones throughout the house; just fix this leak and wait for the next one. What would you have done?

We reviewed the situation and provided a solution. Today they are enjoying clean water in every faucet in the house because we were able to devise a system that kept the water running while we provided a work around all those bad pipes.

There is more to being a handyman than just fixing a dripping faucet or a bad electrical outlet. We ask why and how and consider the most cost-effective method of repair. We work honestly and charge fair prices. We have numerous references on Facebook and on GringoPost.

Call us today for your repair needs.

Calle Canton Saraguro s/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
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