Energy Healing for You, course

Energy is what makes up our reality and experience.

Everything can be viewed as energy, and by learning a few simple psychic tools, you can identify and direct energy for your own purpose.

Moving energy is, fundamentally, what healing is about. By learning to move energy, you provide healing to yourself, and can facilitate healing in others.

Energy Healing for You is a four-week course in which you will learn to work with your own energy and the healing energies of the universe in an enjoyable, safe and validating way. You’ll get to play, experiment and have fun turning on your natural psychic awareness. This is psychic Kindergarten!

In class you will learn a meditation technique to clear yourself of undesired energies, as well as a method to help others do the same. You will also practice these new tools in class so you can get comfortable with them, including trying them out with your fellow students.

And, as you turn on your natural abilities by practicing what you learn, you will expand your awareness of who you are and experience a greater connection with your spirit.

The class will meet once a week for two hours. In addition, the fourth week there will be a one-hour Healing Clinic, where students will practice their new skills by giving one another energy healings.

All you’ll need to bring to class is your imagination and enthusiasm for learning something new (just like back when you were in kindergarten).

The class will begin Friday, May 13th, from 4-6 PM and continue the 3 following Fridays. It will be held in Gringolandia (address to follow).

About your teacher:

I have been a professional psychic for over 25 years and have been a teacher at 3 different psychic schools across the US, teaching both basic and advanced courses. I have guided hundreds of students in developing their natural psychic abilities and turning on their innate healing skills. And I have given thousands of readings and healings to people all over the world. When I was living here in Cuenca, in 2018, I taught this class a number of times. I recently returned to the city and am excited to teach the class again.

If you are interested in participating in Energy Healing for You, please email me with your contact information. The size of the class will be limited.

The cost is $80.

Gringolandia (address to follow)

Andrew Staub

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